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Dear Agencies, over the years you’ve worked with many great companies and on many great projects. You’ve done it alone, competing with other agencies and freelancers alike. While most agencies build walls to protect themselves, we intend to break them down by creating an open invitation to work together.

We’re asking the question—what would happen if we invited agencies to collaborate rather than compete? To share knowledge, leads, candidates, and projects with other agencies? Are there opportunities to work together? Can we co-exist and even thrive in a competitive agency landscape?

Organized by Rareview, we’re a Slack community of agencies from around the world who are willing to let down our guards, help each other out, and grow together. We believe there is an infinite amount of business in the world and by working together we can reduce or eliminate the seesaw effects of #AgencyLife in lieu of stability and a constant flow of new projects and clients.

Sounds intriguing? Let’s move on.

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How to join. ⁉️

AA is a simple program that works. It’s based on one agency helping another. For our program to be successful, we need to limit the number of agencies to a reasonable amount where collaboration is fostered and everyone knows each other. We don’t want to get so big that talk simply become noise.

Next steps:

  1. First, see if you’re a good Candidate.
  2. Read our Code of Conduct.
  3. Then, fill out a Request.
  4. Sit back and crack a beer 🍻 while you wait. We’ll be in touch.

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We will be accepting more agencies each quarter. Please check back often. You can request access here.